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Terms and Conditions for Product Deliveries & Returns / Replacements Delivery 


The product purchased at shall be delivered to the relevant person at the delivery address requested by the buyer/consumer, via the courier firm contracted by us and specified on the website. The buyer/consumer hereby agrees that the delivery made to the address indicated by the buyer/consumer and the person present at such address at the time of delivery shall be deemed as a delivery to the buyer/consumer. Even if the buyer/consumer is not present at the address at the time of delivery, we shall be deemed to have fulfilled our action completely. For this reason, all kinds of damages caused by the buyer’s/consumer’s late delivery of the product and the expenses incurred due to the waiting of the product in the cargo company and / or the return of the cargo to us shall be borne by the buyer/consumer. For domestic sales, the product shall be delivered to the cargo company by us within at most seven (7) days as starting from the date the order is received by us, without expiring the legal period of 30 (thirty) days. Delivery times and conditions may vary in extraordinary cases such as stock depletion and similar commercial impossibilities; unexpected situations such as strikes, lockouts, natural disasters, uprising, popular movements, nuclear risk and danger, wars, invasions, revolutions, civil wars, sabotages, pandemic and epidemic diseases and other force majeure events; disruption of transportation by weather conditions, or interruption of transportation. Shipping costs shall be borne by us in the event that we declare on the website that applicable cargo charges will be covered by us for domestic shipments of shoppers whose purchases are above the announced amount. Apart from this, all kinds of delivery costs shall be borne by the buyer/consumer. For foreign shipments, all transactions that may occur depending on the customs, tax legislation and other laws of the country where the cargo is to be received, including customs clearance formalities and similar actions and transactions, shall be under the responsibility of the buyer/consumer, and all kinds of expenses related to these shall also be borne by the buyer/consumer. If the products that have not been received in connection with foreign sales are stored in the relevant customs for the periods determined by the relevant jurisdiction and / or are subsequently destroyed, the buyer/consumer shall not have the right to claim any refund or cost from us. 


Returns and Replacements 


For valid items, you can return the product within 14 days from the invoice date or exchange it with another product of equal value at any Liberte Vivo store. The original invoice and all copies you have must be sent / brought along with the product you want to return. No return shall be accepted without invoice. No return or replacement shall be accepted for the following items: (i) Evening dresses, tailor-made products, cosmetics, underwear items, swimwear items, bikinis, jewelleries, books / magazines, or technological products and (ii) other products that have lost their resalability, have been used, or are in a condition that cannot be purchased by another customer. All of the labels of the product to be returned must be on the product and the product must not have been modified. The returned / replaced product must be delivered complete with all accessories. 




Domestic Free Shipment Codes: Returns Customer Code for Yurtiçi Kargo: 283534510 


Product returns can be performed via courier and / or by bringing it to the store personally, and replacements are only performed at our Libertevivo store(s). Following the receipt of the returned product by us, if a certain malfunction and / or deterioration is not detected due to reasons such as usage error after the inspections performed by our officials, the product price will be refunded to the buyer/consumer within 14 (fourteen) days in accordance with the means used for payment. Since the reflection of the amount on your accounts after the refund of the amount to the Bank by us is completely related to the Bank’s own processes, we shall not have any intervention and liability for possible delays. Our rights of clearing, offsetting and discounting any sums arising from the Distance Sale Agreement and the law are hereby reserved in connection with the amount to be refunded. In case of cancellation in connection with any overseas sale, the Buyer /consumer shall bear all customs duties and import costs to be incurred in both countries of departure and destination with respect to the returning of the product to the Republic of Turkey, and any costs directed to us as a result of the return process, if any, will be deducted us and the product price will be refunded after such deduction.